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3 Wardrobe tips for your next photoshoot


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3 tips for planning your session wardrobe header image

You’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to have a photoshoot. You’ve found your photographer and booked a session date. Now you can finally sit back and wait for the shoot date to arrive. Nothing more to plan until the shoot rolls around, right? Wrong…….!!! :p

Booking the shoot is the first step in the process and while it’s a fabulous starting point there are a few more things to decide on before your shoot date rolls around. The biggest or most time consuming thing to consider or plan for your shoot will be your  wardrobe. Your photographer will more than likely have a few pointers or even a guide that will assist you with making this choice, because lets face it these images are going to be hung in your home and you don’t want to look back on the them in a few years time and wish you’d chosen different outfits.

So to save you from wardrobe remorse, here are my top 3 pointers to set you on the right path for choosing your photoshoot outfits.

1. Decide on a colour scheme

Most people decide that to keep things simple they are going to stick to a colour scheme of black or white t-shirts with blue denim jeans. One – it’s the easiest to find and two almost everybody has a pair of denims. I want to challenge you to think further than the white t-shirts and jeans. You are going to the expense of having your photos professionally taken, this is an occasion to be celebrated – break out the fancy outfits and the bright colours.

Think about where the pictures will hang in your home (Again…you’re going to the expense of having these pictures professionally done, you’re going to want to show them off!! They need to be displayed in your home. 🙂 ) Take colour cues from the decor in those rooms and let those colours be the starting point for your outfits.


2. Co-ordinate but don’t match.

Now that you have a base colour or two, start thinking how you can build a colour scheme from that base. Coordinate your colours. This doesn’t mean that you all have to wear a shirt in the same colour and matching bottoms. This is where you can get creative. Mix patterns with solids. Add plaids, a stripe or two. Add complimentary colours to your base colour to add interest. There are so many wonderful ways that colour can be incorporated into your wardrobe to really make your photo’s come alive. Your smiles and wonderful personality are only one aspect of your pictures, the colours will really bring the wow factor.

Not sure where to start for inspiration? I have a wonderful Pinterest board filled with colour combinations and ideas that you can find here to help you get those creative juices flowing.

Coordinating with blues in various solids, patterns and complimentary colours coordinating colours for photoshoot wardrobes Mixing it up with colours in your photoshoot

3. Dress it Up.

As with the colours, your actual outfits can really take your photo’s to the next level. Think past the jeans and t-shirts to flowing skirts or dresses. Button downs and a funky jacket for the guys. Dressing up for the shoot doesn’t only give you fabulous looking pictures but it makes you feel good too. And when you feel good, you have more confidence. When you have confidence your body language changes and THIS will come across in your pictures. It’s not often we get the chance to dress up these days and any occasion that affords us the opportunity to get out of our jeans and t-shirts should be grabbed with both hands. And why not? It’s fun to dress up and little girls especially (well most little girls ;P ) love to dress in pretty dresses and if you have boys….bribery ALWAYS works like a charm. hahaha.

And while you’re at it what better way to round off that gorgeous outfit than with a trip to the hairdresser and possibly even a stop at the local beauty counter for a free make-up makeover? These are all elements that will elevate your portraits and make you feel fabulous. And what better time to have pictures taken then when you’re feeling fabulous.

Long flowing dresses and scarf accessories are a wonderfully classy look Bold Print monochrome dresses are always a classic Adding a funky jacket to your outfit adds an instant wow factor

I hope this post has inspired you to step out of your comfort zone when planning your wardrobe for your next photoshoot and remember to not overthink it. At the end of the day you want to feel comfortable, but look awesome. Enjoy!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your next photoshoot wardrobe.

Got any tips of your own? I’d love to hear from you, leave me a comment below.

22 Comments on 3 Wardrobe tips for your next photoshoot

  1. Great tips! Love those big family shots and epic backgrounds!! 😊

  2. Lovely images, and great tips!

  3. Jordyn says:

    Such great tips! And your example images are gorgeous!

  4. Amber says:

    I love this! Great examples and so helpful!

  5. Winterlyn says:

    So informative and I love your captures.

  6. Tania says:

    Excellent tips! Thank you for sharing!!

  7. Amy says:

    These are great tips!!

  8. Sarah says:

    You have the best posts Mandy! Love your tips and all of the examples.

  9. Awesome tips – and everyone in your photos has great style because of them!

  10. Mary Kate Anthony says:

    Wonderful tips! And I love all the photos you used as examples!!

  11. Maria says:

    These are great examples. Love the family sitting on the rocks.

    • Mandy Provan says:

      Thanks so much Maria. That family was so much fun and had come from all over the country (and the world) for Christmas holidays, so they took advantage of all being together to get their family portraits done.

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