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Christmas 2018


Ethan’s School Journey I remember taking Ethan to his very first day of Grade 00 at CBC Boksburg – “Big School”- thinking that this was the first of endless days to come. 14 years seemed like the LONGEST time. It felt like school was going to last forever! And yet here we are, at the […]

Watsons Bay View of Sydney Blog Post Header Image


Before I landed in Sydney, my husband and boys had been sightseeing and exploring every weekend. And I would get endless Whatsapp messages with all the pictures of the amazing places they had been to see. So before I got on the plane I made sure they knew that I expected to be in on […]

Annangrove Fruit Bath Session Feature Image


Fruit Bath Session I was so excited to finally do this fruit bath session with Emma. I’d never tried a fruit bath session before. And I hear you asking -what exactly is a fruit bath session? Simply put… it’s a fun reason to stick a sweet little angel in a bucket filled with warm water […]

Montville QLD Blog Post Feature Image


Over the past few weeks I have been mulling over the idea of doing travel related blog posts on Australia.  In my short time as an Aussie resident, I have found that people who’ve never been here actually have no idea how beautiful Australia really is. Before I moved to Aus I have to admit […]

Swiss Yoga Branding Session Feature Image


A Swiss Alps Yoga Branding Session Debbie is the owner and Instructor at Yoga Ollon – Svadhyaya Yoga Studio and she had a very specific vision for her branding session when we met up in Switzerland. Debbie and I communicated back and forth via email before our sessions and she explained exactly what she envisioned […]

10th Birthday Featured Image


From the archives. This was a fabulously fun 10th birthday party at  Chevy Lane – a chevy themed diner for a special set of twins – Ethan and Tayla!! Amongst the whirlwind that was my life before I moved, I managed to squeeze in one last shoot. Because everything had happened so quickly with our […]


“Do I get ALL the images from our shoot?” is a question you might be tempted to or have possibly asked your photographer in the past and you’ve more than likely gotten a varying array of answers all invariably saying the same thing – “Ummmm, NO. You won’t be getting ALL the images from the […]


Pont De Val is the perfect venue for an intimate wedding. Set on the banks of the Vaal River, Pont De Val a french provençal themed estate, is an absolute dream with it’s red brick squared arches and earthy tones.  The newly planted vineyards, Bev and Werner celebrated their special day with family and friends […]

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Photographers can be difficult subjects to photograph, as we’re so picky about photographs of ourselves. Well most people are, but I think photog’s are possibly even more so!! But this past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to capture the amazing Illuminare Photography under the trees and on the beach of Darook Park in Cronulla, […]


I can’t say that I always dreamed of being a photographer. When I was young, I used to watch LA Law (giving away my age with that one!!! :p) thinking what they did was so cool and dream of being a lawyer. At Uni I majored in law and accounts (sensible -read boring – majors […]