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High-school-senior-formals-senior-blog-header-imageSenior Formal Crestwood High

Senior Formal, Matric Farewell, Senior Prom…no matter the name you know it by, it’s a day that was a long time coming…..and yet to see all these youngsters so dressed up and embracing their newfound freedom as school leavers was still quite surreal. I don’t know if you’re ever prepared as a parent for your kids to grow up and become adults. I mean, we KNOW it will happen, but in our minds eye it always seems so much further off than it actually is. And then you blink and the day is upon you.

They Scrub up Well

Last Thursday was that day for me and the rest of the parents of Crestwood Highs class of 2019. I’m always amazed at how much older all these kids look when they’re dressed up. The excitement was very real as they arrived at school for a small meet and greet in the school gardens – bless the teachers who know that all the moms (and some dads…hahaha, sorry dads…but we know it’s not really your “thing”) want to see what the kids look like on their big night. After a few more pictures (can we ever have enough?? haha) the departing class all dressed to the 9’s, boarded the bus for Woolwich Pier for one last party as classmates before they start their new adventures next year.

The joy is in the journey

To the class of 2019 – I wish you all the very best for the future. The journey is only just beginning. And what an exciting adventure it is sure to be! Embrace it, enjoy it and most importantly remember that everyone’s path is different and while some may arrive at the destination ahead of you, it’s not a race and the journey is where the magic usually happens.

I hope you enjoy these memories of Ethan and his friends from their big night!

High-school-senior-formals-Patterned-suit-jacket High-school-senior-formals-Patterned-belt-and-tie High-school-senior-formals-gents-details High-school-senior-formals-gents-details High-school-senior-formals-gettingready High-school-senior-formals-getting ready High-school-senior-formals-getting-ready High-school-senior-formals-getting ready High-school-senior-formals-getting-ready-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits-black-and-white High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits-with-lamborghini High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits-with-lamborghiniHigh-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits-with-lamborghini-fixing-lipstick High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits-with-lamborghini High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits-with-lamborghini High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits-with-lamborghini High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits-with-lamborghini High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits-with-lamborghini High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits-with-lamborghini High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits-with-lamborghini High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits-with-lamborghini High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-group-portraits-with-lamborghini High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits-with-lamborghini High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraitsHigh-school-senior-formals-senior-group-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits-with-mom High-school-senior-formals-senior-group-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits-close-up-of-make-up High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-group-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-group-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits-with-lamborghini High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits-black-and-white High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-group-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-group-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-group-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-fun-group-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-group-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-group-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-group-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-group-portraitsHigh-school-senior-formals-senior-group-portraitsHigh-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits-with-mom High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits-with-mom High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits-with-family High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits-with-family High-school-senior-formals-senior-boys-portraits-with-parents High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits-with-mom High-school-senior-formals-senior-group-portraits High-school-senior-formals-senior-girls-portraits



20 Comments on Senior Formal Crestwood High | Crestwood NSW | Sydney Photographer

  1. Veronica Stroud says:

    Oh wow! The youngsters all looked absolutely gorgeous!! And you certainly captured the essence of the day, Mandy – excitement, glamour, joy!! What beautiful pics!!

  2. Gail Wilson says:

    Stunning Mands, looks like everyone was about to have a great evening. THAT JACKET! is just the best your Dad always wanted one like that.

  3. Tatsiana says:

    Great photos!!!

  4. Maria says:

    Wow!! These are awesome!!

  5. Sara says:

    These are great! Looks like a lot of fun!

  6. Mini Conway says:

    What fun! Love these photos.

  7. Jordyn says:

    Love this! So fun, and you did beautiful work

  8. Dang, these teens have incredible style. How fun!

  9. Ashley K says:

    These look so good! It’s amazing how good kids look now a days!!! They will for sure love these!

  10. Terry Wilson says:

    Killer pics Jane-O…well done.

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