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Last week Tuesday marked 18 months of being an “Alien in Sydney”…so in honour of that, I thought I’d dedicate this weeks Travelling Thursday post to the diverse city itself.

Known for its famous Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Sydney is a favourite destination for both local and international tourists alike. With access to the surrounding bays via ferry and a constant stream of trains and buses into and out of the city, getting about and seeing the sights is so easy.

Lots to See

Whether you like architecture or parks, Sydney has it all. There are beautiful glass buildings amidst turn of the century warehouses that have been converted to offices or trendy lofts. Their differences rivaled only by the way they fit so beautifully together.

The botanical gardens and Hyde park cater for those looking for a bit of open space within the city. While the Queen Victoria Building (or QVB as it’s known to locals) takes you back to an era of architectural beauty.

Travelling Thursday

The Travelling Thursday segment was purely a way for me to share the beauty of Australia with anyone who reads the blog. I’m by no means an expert and I still have so much to see and explore. These posts are simply a way for me to share the pictures IĀ  capture as we explore the interesting places in and around Aus. It’s a way for me to share the beauty of Australia with those who have never seen it and have no idea just how amazing it really is!

Before I moved to Australia I had no idea just how lush and varied the landscape actually was or how many amazing places there were to see. So this is my way of sharing my discoveries with all of you. I hope you enjoy seeing Australia through my eyes.

Travelling-Thursday-Sydney-view-from-harbour-bridge Travelling-Thursday-Sydney-bridge-walk Travelling-Thursday-Sydney-view-from-pylon-viewing-deck-harbour-bridge Travelling-Thursday-Sydney-view-from-pylon-viewing-deck-harbour-bridge Travelling-Thursday-Sydney-view-from-pylon-viewing-deck-harbour-bridge Travelling-Thursday-Sydney-view-from-pylon-viewing-deck-harbour-bridge Travelling-Thursday-Sydney-view-from-pylon-viewing-deck-bridge-climbers Travelling-Thursday-Sydney-view-from-pylon-viewing-deck-harbour-bridge Travelling-Thursday-Sydney-view-from-pylon-viewing-deck-harbour-bridge Travelling-Thursday-Sydney-harbour-bridge-underside-view Travelling-Thursday-Sydney-sights Travelling-Thursday-Sydney-sidewalk-cafe Travelling-Thursday-Sydney-sidewalk-art Travelling-Thursday-Sydney-kings-cross Travelling-Thursday-Sydney-the-rocks Travelling-Thursday-Sydney-the-rocks-sights Travelling-Thursday-Sydney-opera-hourse-framed-by-carnival-spirit-ship Travelling-Thursday-Sydney-circular-quay-with-harbour-bridge-in-distance Travelling-Thursday-Sydney-view-from-harbour-bridge

Sydney Sights | New South Wales | Travelling Thursday

  1. Tania says:

    You have captured Sydney sights so beautifully! Makes anyone want to travel their and great memories for those who have been šŸ™‚

  2. Terry Wilson says:

    Hey Mandy Jane – lovely photo’s Kiddo. Really enjoyed the visual trip around Sydney
    (P.S: You need to check your first sentence under the heading “Travelling Thursday”…needs a touch of editting)

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